1. The fees paid by the Clients are non-refundable and no such claim shall be entertained under any circumstances. The fees cannot be refunded, adjusted against or transferred for services other than the purpose for which it is originally paid. The legal fees shall be received in full in advance for any and all the services taken by the Client after the payment. The first appearance of the firm's advocate in any Court/Tribunal on the Client's behalf shall make the Client payable the full and final amount agreed to be paid by the Client.

  2. The Clients are required to disclose the correct and true information litigation at all the consultations and litigations conducted by the advocates of the firm. The firm shall not be liable for the damages arising due to incorrect and incomplete information provided by the Client.

  3. The Clients information is kept confidential at all times by the firm, the firm shall not be responsible for the disclosure of any case facts by the Government authorities or

  4. The Clients are required to submit the true and genuine documents wherever required and the firm shall not be responsible for the damage arising out of incorrect or counterfeit documents. The firm does not undertake the responsibility of verifying the correctness or genuineness of the documents submitted by the Client.

  5. The Firm reserves the right to accept or refuse or cease to conduct the case without assigning the reason to do so. The misconduct of the Client shall cause to cease the termination of services on the initiative of the firm.

  6. The Firm shall not accept any payment from the Client in the event of refusal to take up the case and also further payments will not be accepted on cessation of legal services only if such services are terminated by the Firm.

  7. The Firm shall not be liable to refund, represent, comply with instructions or follow up with the case in the event of termination of legal services on the behest of the Client.

  8. The Firm reserves the right to produce the documents, evidence or make application which its advocates deem fit to be in the interest of the Client. The absence of instructions shall authorize the advocates to file the applications which they deem fit to file.

  9. The Firm shall not take any liability of the consequences where the Client interferes with the advocates' proceedings himself/herself without the information of the advocate or otherwise.

  10. The Firm shall be not be liable to represent the Client on the dates or applications not taken or presented by the Firm advocates.